The Two Stars Tights Launch

  • Luxury is something Pierre Mantoux takes very seriously. They spend an astounding amount of time building a portfolio of new designs and ideas for each new collection and then cherry-pick only the best and refine their work so it's the best it can be.

    In their pursuit for the very best fashion tights they could design, Pierre Mantoux have come up with some incredible concepts. Some are more wild and out of the box than others, but when you're trying to make something incredible, it's essential to make sure you go all the way and come up with something astounding.

    Their journey has driven Pierre Mantoux to ake some astounding new fashion releases but this season they also created something different from anything tried before, by them or any other fashion brand.

    Their design team came up with the idea to create a limited run of one design, for one retailer. A very limited run.

    They know that the best and most luxurious items need to have time and energy put into them, so only a handful of any great thing can be made. Rush the new product and all you get is plenty of faults and inconsistancies. Pierre Mantoux decided to concentrate ultimate quality and luxury, so they picked the smallest number feasible and spent the rest of their time and budget on superior yarns and great design.

    But if you're going to make something of incredible quality that'll last years, don't you want it to be stylish for years too? Absolutely, so Pierre Mantoux used only the most timeless elements in their design. They picked black, the ultimate in classic colours, and created an all black foundation. They then added something that's universally loved and always has been, crystals. Crystals have looked incredible and been popular in fashion for as long as anyone can remember, so a design built on them is always going to be popular. But the most classic element is yet to come. Next, they added the cosmos itself. Two huge stars, made up of crystals on a black backdrop, like twinkling stars in the night sky. Beautiful, powerful and older than anything else, they're certainly the most timeless thing you can ever think of.

    The result is the Two Stars Tights. A limited edition item that's been chosen out of many high end designs to be given to just one retailer. To keep the designs as exclusive and as concentrated on quality as possible, Pierre Mantoux have produced just 6 pairs of these incredible items. 6 pairs. The first and the last. They'll never be available again.

    Why would Pierre Mantoux create somehting so small and exclusive? It's simple. By picking such a tiny number, they're able to keep focused on what really matters, like the fit, the quality and the beautiful design. Also, by choosing a number this small, they absolutely have to bet it right, straight away. Their recipe has been tested and researched down to the finest detail, the t's have been crossed, the i's dotted.

    There's little else in the leg wear world as magnificent as Pierre Mantoux's exceptional new release. The Two Stars design really is something to behold and something to cherish.

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