About Pierre Mantoux

  • Pierre Mantoux has one of the longest and richest histories of any brand in leg wear. Here is a quick overview of their long journey to become Europe's most loved brand of tights.

    Pierre Mantoux has achieved that dream and has become the absolute best name in legwear. For more than 80 years, this designer has been one of Europe's most respected names when it comes to beautiful tights, stockings and hold ups.

    Pierre Mantoux was founded in 1932 by Ottorino Giangrossi, a German silk importer. The company is based in Italy. To create the world's most beautiful hosiery, the founders had to invent a whole new range of machines to create the designs they were truly happy with.

    Soon after, the whole family joined the company and run it to this day. Generation after generation has learned the trade and gone on to design better and more exciting designs. Each new generation brings creativity to the designs and innovaton to the way they're made.

    Every year, Pierre Mantoux revolutionises the way their tights, stockings and hold ups are made by tweeking the machines and designing new manufacturing processes. This makes their leg wear stronger, because they're able to use a more diverse range of yarns without having to build something new to handle them each time.

    It also means they can create a pair of beuatiful tights in less time, so they can release their range earlier than expected. This has always put their work at the front of the fashion world, as their exquisite tights can be seen on the shelves of boutiques and online weeks before other brands can offer their designs.

    Pierre Mantoux went on to dominate the Italian hosiery market, their native country. In the seventies, they helped launch the European trend of polka dots, which become one of the most popular trends in Italy for decades.

    In the 1980s, they expanded to the US and the UK, becoming the favourite brand of Diana, Princess of Wales.

    In the 90s, Pierre Mantoux launched its first two dedicated stores in Milan and Genoa, the home of beautiful Italian fashion. This was a symbol move, as it showed the rest of the leg wear world that they met the high standards of the Milanese and could compete amongst the highest fashion designers around. They were right too.

    Their legacy has gone from one strength to another and in the early 2000s, two more members of the family joined Pierre Mantoux and inaugurated a brand new generation once more. The company is now managed by these two, Clare and Constance, and they continue to take this magnificent brand to new levels of quality and creativity.

    2012 was Pierre Mantoux's 80th anniversary, another symbol of their incredible talents and the love that the fashion world has always had for their brand. Their commemorative campaign for 2012 stated that the year "marked their first 80 years". The first 80 years says one thing. Pierre Mantoux mean to stay around for a long time to come and each and every new fashion range they release shows just how much stronger they're becoming.

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