• The Pierre Mantoux philosophy has been the same since its very first launch. They wish to create the most exquisite and best quality tights in the world. So far, they've succeeded each and every season.

    Pierre Mantoux are often called Europe's best designer. This isn't just the opinion of the people that love their tights. This is what many other designers say about their incredible work too.

    They're incredibly well respected by their contemporaries. They've been creating beautiful designs for so many years that each and every big name in leg wear owes a debt to their contributions to fashion.

    So how does Pierre Mantoux do it? Simple, it's all in their rigorous standards.

    Pierre Mantoux concentrate on the only thing they know they can revolutionise fully, which is their design process. They shop around very carefully for the best fibres they can find. If they can swap what they use for something stronger, softer, lighter and longer lasting, they will do.

    Another way this incredible designer makes their tights the best they can be is by using the best equipment possible. Their manufacturing plant uses the most up to date machinery to weave fibres quickly and with ease. They can make their designs quicker than any other brand and present it to the fashion world weeks before others can. This is one of the reasons their fashion tights are so astounding. They make a huge impact right before so many other brands are ready to do the same.

    But the process isn't everything. You can't make great fashion leg wear without great fashion designs. The creativity that goes into a pair of Pierre Matnoux tights is amazing. Each new seasonal release contains less designs than many other brands, but Pierre Mantoux know that fewer often means better. Instead of three dozen, they make just the one dozen, but each one has been put under the microscope many times and nothing is allowed to go through without a certain stamp of quality on it.

    Another great thing about keeping each collection small is every pair of hold ups or tights has its own territory. Too often, a collection will repeat itself and change very little from one design to the next, just to get a little extra variation. This often makes a collections meld together and stops each new piece of fashion from standing out. Pierre Mantoux choose one design for one purpose and make those tights stand out incredible. This gives their collection a strength that many brands lack.

    Overall, their designs can be called creative, inventive, revolutionary and all things inbetween. But we like to think there's more to them than just that. It's all these things and a little more besides. There's a lot of care that goes into each and every new Pierre Mantoux season and it's that attention to detail and passion for beautiful things that makes this incredible designer a fixture of fashion history and the respected name it is today.

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